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Motor Vehicle Department is the pulse/lifeline of Pune Municipal Corporation, and provides vehicles & equipment to various departments as and when required.

Pune Municipal Corporation has to provide following services for its citizens.

  • To keep Pune city clean by collecting, transporting and disposal of dry and wet garbage from various places in the city.
  • Cleaning of public toilets and urinals, drainage chambers etc.
  • Extinguishing of fire and saving of property and life by using advanced technology and machinery.
  • Illuminating public places and market areas with street lights.
  • Keeping water supply of city under control.
  • Disposal of Dead bodies and maintain abattoirs

The department functions independently and fulfills all the above duties. 

Motor Vehicle Department has an overall total fleet of 1080 vehicles out of which around 555 vehicles are used for solid waste department for the collection, transportation and disposal of dry and wet garbage

Solid Waste Management Department - Dumper placer , B.R.C. , Garbage tipper , Big Ghanta Gadi (Bell Truck) , Small Bell Truck , Small Jetting Machine

Drainage Department - Jetting Machine for cleaning the blockage in the chambers , Suction Machine , Recycler

Electric Department - Electric ladders

Health Department - Ambulances , Herse car , Spider man

Fire Brigade Department - Fire Engine , 40 Mtr. & 70 Mtr. ladder , Fire Hydrant , Ambulance

Water Supply Department - Water Tankers

Garden Department - JCB , Tree Cutting Vehicles , Dumpers

Encroachment Department : JCB , Utility Vehicles

Cars, Jeeps, Utility Vehicles for all wards & respective ward officers

Motor vehicle Department has installed GPS system for most of the its Vehicles with the help of which we can monitor the movement of the vehicles daily live on the screen. This is a step ahead for Pune becoming a smart city



HOD's Note

Since the inception of Mechanical Department of Pune Municipal Corporation in the year 1955 with the department located at Gultekadi Industrial Area, Pune – 37. TheMotor vehicle department has undergone many folded changes owing to the technological charges wrt time. In 2007 Motor vehicle department had 611 vehicles of different types and make. As the city expanded with the merging of villages, today Motor vehicle department has a fleet of about 1282 different types of vehicles.

Key contact


HOD Name: Shri. Nitin Udas

Designation: Deputy Commissioner of Zone No. 2

E-Mail id: nitin.udas@punecorporation.org

Mobile No: +91 9689931499

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Shri. Prasad Jagtap

Designation: Deputy Engineer

E-Mail id: vehicle@punecorporation.org

Mobile No:

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Shri. Chandrabhan Bhadoriya

Designation: Junior Engineer

E-Mail id: vehicle@punecorporation.org

Mobile No:

Department Information

Department Address: Motor Vehicle Dept. Pune Municipal Corporation Office Gultekadi Industrial Area, Pune – 411 037.

Phone No:

E-Mail id: vehicle@punecorporation.org

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