To collect and transport 1600 MT of garbage per day a huge fleet becomes a prerequisite, and the monitoring of it becomes imperative. Pune Municipal Corporation has in place a complete end-to-end automation and monitoring of waste collection and management. Using cutting edge technologies like GPS, GSM, RFID, M2M, IOT Sensors along with innovative Mobile and web application improves and smoothens ground-level mechanisms for waste collection and efficient processing and re-cycling of waste.

A pan city initiative for bin and fleet management is undertaken wherein 396 vehicles and 7325 garbage collection points have been geotagged and monitored by a Central Command Centre. This ensures

• Monitoring of the vehicles in real time to improve per vehicle productivity & reduce non-compliance

• Usage and route planning optimization of garbage trucks

• Rapid management of vehicle breakdown and maintenance.

• Efficient monitoring and management of waste bins

• Verification of collection service

• Availability of MIS for effective planning of resources, schedule & unforeseen events

• Greater transparency in the civic administration


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